Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Services

Custom MSDS Management Solution:
• SDS Management
• SDS Entry
• SDS QC Control
• SDS Update/Index
• SDS Acquisition


Organizations spend thousands of dollars on managing their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) – paper-based and electronic. Costs include the creation of electronic formats, purchase of specialized software, or developing customized applications in-house and warehousing the information both online and offline as physical documents.

Span International has developed highly cost effective processes targeted at such organizations directly impacting their bottom lines by reducing costs by 35% & more.

With our Corporate Head Quarters in New Delhi, India - SPAN International is a leading IT solutions and services provider to clients across the world. We have state of the art facilities and employ a highly motivated team of professionals proficient in a wide range of technology services.

At SPAN International, we are dedicated to providing our clients world-class, cost-effective, customized end-to-end solutions that meet individual needs and specifications.

Our consultative approach helps our clients understand, analyze, and achieve their business goals/strategies, providing them a competitive edge in the marketplace. In the field of SDS Management, Span has a team of highly trained & experienced professionals, exceptional quality systems, and MSDS expertise.

Span is already providing its MSDS Services to the Industry leaders and outperforming competitors through:
a) 99.99% Accuracy targeted and delivered
b) On-time delivery of services
c) Optimal utilization of resources for our clients
d) Customized solutions to individual client processes


Data Entry & Quality Check Services

We provide data entry services for MSDS which we receive from our clients. The data can be entered into an SDS Management System of the client’s choice or it can be provided in any word processor or proprietary format required with accuracies of 99.95% & above. The data is checked twice to ensure that quality is at a mutually agreed level. We know that MSDS Data is very specific with no scope of error, so we follow set instructions so as to provide high-quality data to our clients.

MSDS Acquisition Services

We obtain the latest MSDS’s for clients, directly from the Manufacturers or the distributor websites. Once the MSDS is retrieved, if it is not in PDF, we convert it into PDF and upload it to the client's server. We work on requirements generated by the client provided SDS list. To ensure that our clients always have the latest revision, we also provide maintenance as well as update their entire MSDS database as an ongoing service.

We source SDS’s via Hi-speed Internet, Phone, Faxes, and emails

SDS Update & Indexing Services

We automatically update client SDSs, append issue date, and update our client's SDS database as well as send you e-mail notifications to this effect.

We can index SDS’s by any number of fields such as SDS#, Manufacturer, Product Name, Revision Date, Components, CAS#s, Percentages, Product Code, Locations, NFPA, HMIS, and more.