We are one of the leading content management and data conversion organizations in India. We have set up a state-of-the-art facility and gathered a highly motivated team of professionals with expertise in PDF, HTML, XML and SGML conversions.

A structured, standardized and systematic E-Publishing process workflow helps us deliver 99.995% accuracies across any type of data conversion with very fast turnaround times.

Our Model

Pre-Publish Planning 


Our consultants study the existing information structure and formats available with your organization. Working with your strategic team, we analyze the knowledge content of the information, your organization's business objectives & processes, and the role of the targeted knowledge creation and its management within the scope of your desired business structure.

The consultants then design the conversion plan for each of the existing information formats.


A comprehensive project plan is submitted which includes all diagnostic procedures, including: 


Cost-benefit analysis

Documented logistical schedule

Necessary Hardware and Software for implementation

Manpower skill sets and deployment schedule

Milestones & checkpoints for monitoring and quality control

Sample reports to be generated at appropriate moments


DTD Design 


Based on the conversion plan, our consultants then help design the Document Type Definition (DTD) for each information format. The DTDs undergo acceptability testing by your strategic team.



Conversion Simulation 


Some of the key information documents are then converted based on their DTDs and the results are screened by your strategic team for acceptance.



Full Conversion 


The conversion project goes online, and monitored for fine-tuning basis predetermined checkpoints and output.


 Data Delivery 

 Data is delivered based on predetermined delivery schedules and formats to your organization. 

 Real Time Online Process Monitoring 


Fully understanding the power of information, we have integrated a value added service in our model that allows the process to be monitored online for predetermined parameters at predetermined checkpoints. The anytime, anywhere monitoring is through a secured, permission based access to a customized website.





Text and Word Processing Formats

Tables and Columnar Information

Formulae (Basic and Advanced Technical)

Diagrams, Flow Charts and Graphics

Non-Keyboard Characters

Propriety Formats

Books, Journals and Technical Manuals

Documents/Articles in European Languages


Supporting the expertise is the availability of the state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest software tools and solutions including layouting tools (such as Quark, Tex and LaTex) that enable them to provide leading edge technology based conversions:


Any Word Processing Format


Miles 33




Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)



Our conversion process includes following services for conversion: 


Manual Key Entry and/or Scanning and OCR/ICR of document images

Data Editing


Page Lay-outing including insertion of graphics, audio/video clips (in any format)

Data creation